Procedures for students / doctoral candidates / course participants

Dear students,

acting responsibly in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic, we constantly strive to minimize the risk of infection by introducing a number of preventive measures aimed at the well-being of yourself and others, which is our greatest asset.

In the following panels, you can find tips for students as regards sanitary measures at the University of Lodz.

The security policy is regularly reviewed by the Covid-19 crisis management team.

Please direct any of your questions to:

Mode of studies

    Arranging your education

    Since Łódź (just as entire Poland) is in the ‘red zone’ of COVID-19 infections, and, compliant to the regulations issued by the government, all classes at universities, including the University of Lodz, are conducted in a remote (online) mode. With this in mind, we have prepared the following guidelines:

    Use of UL premises

    The use of the UL premises is limited to persons who do not have symptoms suggesting an upper respiratory tract infection and persons who have not recently contacted those in quarantine or in isolation.

    Each employee, student or client is obliged to follow the updates on safety measures, provided by the University authorities, state authorities and sanitary services in connection with the epidemic threat.

    The following safety rules apply in the buildings:

    • cover your nose and mouth with your own protective item when moving in or between buildings;
    • clean (disinfect) your hands regularly, especially when entering the building;
    • keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres from the other person you speak to;
    • limit direct contact with other users of the facility down to the necessary minimum;
    • limit the use of lifts (elevators);
    • ventilate rooms frequently;
    • maintain regular cleaning or disinfection of surfaces and objects that are frequently touched;
    • put the following equipment temporarily out of service: portable air conditioners, air-conditioning systems and hand dryers (unless an air-conditioning system is necessary for laboratory premises or it is used to heat the building);
    • set up an “isolation room” (intended for people with symptoms of SARS-COV-2 infection)
    • perform self-assessment of health before entering the University premises;
    • disinfect surfaces (especially if used by a number of people) and toilet facilities frequently;
    • dispose of used personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) to marked containers;
    • ensure the use of gloves by employees performing operations with documents or parcels;
    • set up safe zones for customers, especially near service desks;
    • designate a separate entrance to the building for the staff and a separate one for the customers.

    University of Lodz Library 

    Rules of using the services of the UL Library are regulated by the Announcement of its Director of 2/11/2020:

    The rules are in accord with the nationwide sanitary regime for libraries: (in Polish)

    Changes in the use of facilities:

    Physical Education and Sports Centre (ul. Styrska 24/26) – does not hold commercial trainings or classes for students (until further notice)

    Conference Centre (ul. Rogowska 26 & 35) – the premise follows current safety measures and restrictions for hotel and lodging facilities: (in Polish)

    International and nationwide mobility

      Safety and well-being

        Protective measures in UL premises and dormitories

        Ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees and students is first priority. Protective measures are used for persons staying in the university buildings and they include:

        • an obligation to cover the mouth and nose;
        • ensuring the social distance recommended by the government;
        • protective screens in areas where social distancing is more difficult to maintain;
        • solutions for washing and disinfecting hands (liquid soap in sanitary facilities and dispensers with a liquid for disinfecting hands at the entrance to buildings and on their premises);
        • regular cleaning and disinfection schemes for: rooms where teaching and research activities take place, administration rooms, areas of common use (e.g. corridors, toilets and sanitary rooms, lifts (elevators), common objects such as handles, switches;
        • adequate ventilation of the rooms;
        • providing rooms for isolation (one per each building);
        • introduction of clear markings and signs for buildings / rooms / surfaces, e.g.:
        • implementation of psychological support

        All details of checking in and rules of use of the University of Lodz dormitories during the pandemic are provided at:

        Academic Support Centre

          In accordance with the regulations (ordinances) of the Rector of the University of Lodz, support is provided to students / PhD candidates primarily online or via phone, and only in exceptional situations, especially requiring direct contact with a specialist, a meeting in the building of the ACW University of Lodz may be arranged while maintaining safety rules applicable for the pandemic.

          Formal details

          In order to benefit from the support of specialists as part of the activities of the University Support Center of the University of Lodz, you need to SIGN UP:

          Essential information and contacts:

          1. Individual consultations with a psychologist:

          All students / PhD candidates / employees of the University of Lodz experiencing psychological difficulties can benefit from individual support. For this purpose, you should contact the selected psychologist directly:

          or the UL Academic Support Centre (

          • Expressing opinion (certifying) on the need to adjust the teaching process, including – alternative forms of assessment and examinations:
          •  Beata Majcher (psychologist)

          The UL P.E. and Sports Centre accepts disability certificates, and offers physical rehabilitation classes to students who hold them. This offer is addressed to all students with disabilities throughout the course of their studies.

          •  Education counselling:

          Agnieszka Piestrzeniewicz (education consultant)

          IOS (individual arrangement of studies) is a special mode of organizing classes and examination sessions and it concerns participation in classes, forms of assessment or taking exams. The rules for awarding IOS are set out in §34 of the Rules of Study at the UL. Whether to grant you the IOS is decided upon by The Dean of the appropriate Faculty. University of Lodz students / doctoral candidates with a valid disability degree certificate may apply for recommendations of the UL Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities.

          • Sign language interpreter:

          Assistant of a person with disability:

          Specialized transport:

          The template of request for rental of equipment can be downloaded at: